THE TIME IS NOW TO BRING ¡GAYTINO! TO A WIDER AUDIENCE via a multi-camera Hi Def taping for film festival screenings, the internet, broadcast and for university and college libraries for study and archival purposes.

The multi-textured performance piece has been described as a “live stage documentary” because of its historic and educational relevance. The film will be accompanied by a study guide that explores both Mexican-American/Chicano and gay culture and history from Dan’s adolescence in1950s East LA, to the New York theatre scene in the 60s and 70s, and back to Hollywood and to the present, interweaving the two communities that create Guerrero’s extraordinary life story.

Committing  ¡Gaytino! to a high quality taping will preserve this unique piece that illustrates the intersection of the social and political movements of the
Mexican-American/Chicano and LBGTQ communities. It is a pivotal moment in time to bring that history to life through a filming of ¡Gaytino! for audiences of today and tomorrow.

Plans call for two live performances to be taped in Hi Definition before invited audiences at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in downtown LA, a venue with multiple theatres that offers a wide variety of diverse theatrical programming throughout the year. Housed in a historic 1916 building designed by John Parkinson, LATC is a facility of the City of Los Angeles and operated by the Latino Theatre Company.

The ¡Gaytino! shoot will boast an A-list staff and crew with award-winning veterans from television and film. The innovative nature of the play will be enhanced on the screen through cutting-edge projected visuals and shooting techniques. Live music will under score scenes, in addition to accompanying Guerrero’s vocals.

The project is budgeted at $300K to cover the taping: venue costs, production staff & crew, production and lighting design, equipment rental including a fly pack, five Hi Def cameras; and all post/editing including graphics for final delivery. Budget will also cover music clearance, the study guide and visual projections.  

Gaytino LLC is proud that the legendary El Teatro Campesino, a non-profit arts
Organization, will act as the fiscal agent for the project.  Organizations, foundations and support from other funding sources will soon bring this project to fruition.

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